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Flex App


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The App to assist MDM Administrators to get their devices up to date by

leveraging an organisation’s greatest asset, its staff.




Who We Are


D8 Services is the most experienced team of field engineers, working with the leading MDM provider across Asia and Australia for over 12 years

This means we have delivered solutions and customised Professional Services to banks, universities, schools, manufacturers, airlines, small and medium businesses all the way to the SME and blockchain companies. With this experience we thought we should give something back. Welcome to Flex.

Let your users do the work, Anytime, Anywhere!

Your MDM can do so much more, with the right tools. Lets add the Flex App to your suite of tools, configure and then let your end users complete their data. The Flex App can be a use once and then de-scope. Or it could be one of the tools you leave on your device to ensure end users have the controls they want for user information.

Choose How The App Displays Your UserData

Flex can allow you to enable or disable the edit and erase buttons, along with restricting visible fields vs editable fields.

Update local Display

If the App is left open for any length of time, it is a good idea to reload from local data. App Data can change.



Get Info Page

Currently this does not do more than display an About Us Page, however we are working hard on new features.

Upload Device Inventory

Anything getting stuck with your MDM, you can suggest users to use this button to push inventory to your MDM

Wipe Current Device

One of the features of this app is to optionally allow end users to wipe devices.